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Space Savings for Your Pharmaceutical and Biotech Environment

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    Maximize Floor Space

    When compared to standard shelving, automated storage and picking solutions can save up to 85% of your floor space. Eliminating the aisle space required for shelving and utilizing the complete floor to ceiling height provides organizations with a smaller footprint. Implementing automated storage and picking solutions creates floor space for additional manufacturing or other revenue generating activities can often be easily cost justified.

  • Customer Testimonial

    » Save up to 85% floor space

    » Eliminate wasted aisle floor space

    » Maximize every square inch within the unit

    » Inventory management software designed to dynamically manage cube space within the unit

  • Kardex drawers

    Utilize AS/RS

    Space within the unit is maximized by eliminating reach in space required for shelving. Further totes, bins, dividers, drawers and specialty holders are specifically designed to store items within the unit while maximizing every square inch of space.