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Motion Sensing Tether System

  • Reflective Vests

    Reflective Vests

    Designed to help the wearer be seen in low-light settings. The polyester tricot material is wrinkle-resistant and durable, with high color retention. To help keep your personnel safe, select the ANSI rated safety vest appropriate to the task and environment.

  • Zone Lights

    Zone Lights

    Provides a visual warning for warehouse personnel by projecting a bright red beam pattern onto the floor, on either sides of the forklift, helping to promote greater workplace safety. This red beam is a visual indicator of the safe distance workers should keep between themselves and the forklift.

  • Blue Light

    Blue Lights

    Projects a bright blue beam of light onto the floor right behind a forklift that helps alert pedestrians of the oncoming forklift. Ideal for use at blind intersections and rack aisles. The light moves with the forklift, so onlookers are easily warned of the forklift moving in their direction.

Collision Awareness

  • Moving materials efficiently requires a well-organized warehouse. Raymond Storage Concepts is pleased to offer a wide variety of ancillary products that keep your dock, your aisles and your operation in top shape. From lighting your facility to securing your aisles with guard rails, we'll help you create a safer, more efficient environment. For a catalog with all of our warehouse products please contact your local sales representative.

  • Robotic Floor Cleaner

    Robotic Vaccums

    Robotic vacuums are battery-powered, self-operating machines that move along hard flooring to clean up dirt, debris, and small messes. Their low-profile, cordless design allows them to travel underneath furniture and reach places that larger vacuums can't. They have sensors for detecting walls and obstacles to avoid collisions and can be set to run randomly or in a pattern for complete coverage of flooring.

  • Floor Scrubber

    Floor Scrubbers

    Versatile design with easy to use controls and durable components. Scrubber can reduce slip and fall risks with a innovatively designed squeegee and integrated p-trap that improves water pickup and prevents water drips after cleaning is done.

  • Column Protector

    Column Protectors

    Features an innovative air chamber that can deflect impact energy away from the column to help minimize the damage from a low force impact. Easy-to-install model has interior vents that release air at a controlled rate so it can absorb the impact without the sides splitting. Designed to help protect the column and forklift from damage and the forklift operator from injury.

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