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    When it comes to optimizing and managing your fleet assets, the more information you have the better. And the better the information, the more effectively and efficiently you can improve your facility's operating environment. Therefore, with optional fleet solutions, you can reduce unnecessary capital expenditures.

    From right-sizing your fleet to analyzing costs per hour, to immediately identifying impacts, increasing uptime and controlling operator usage parameters and more — our solutions acquire thousands of data points and quickly turn them into precise, easy to understand and actionable knowledge. This enables you to drive operator and truck productivity levels to new heights — no matter what size your facility or how many trucks you have.

Battery Management

Battery Management System

Reduce your cost of ownership and ensure your batteries and forklifts are operating at peak efficiency with iBattery. Receive timely data via email or SMS text alerts about forklift battery temperature, water levels, charge intervals and state of charge. And stay on top of pertinent information and the most recent battery alerts through our unique, single-view web portal.

Maintenance Tracking

Asset Maintenance Tracking

From your forklift fleet to your dock doors, iTrack helps to reduce overall cost of ownership by providing accurate, actionable asset maintenance data and reports, from individual equipment to fleets, across one or multiple facilities.

iWAREHOUSE Essential Fleet Management

Lift Truck & Warehouse Optimization System

iWAREHOUSE delivers productivity improvement and cost savings. Turning every forklift into an information gathering device-and every desktop, laptop and mobile device into a management command center.

RTLS, iWarehouse

iWarehouse RTLS

iWAREHOUSE Real-Time Location System (iW.RTLS) lets you enhance efficiency and productivity by restricting and controlling the movements of lift trucks, personnel, and assets in your warehouse.

Reduce Costs. Improve Productivity.

Access Control

Access Control

+ Secure powered industrial vehicles with operator log-ins

+ Manage forklift operator certifications

+ Remotely adjust parameters such as travel speed and acceleration



+ Single operator able to control multiple vehicles

+ Remote management capabilities

+ Program the truck to run on its own, or operate it manually as a traditional lift truck

Battery Management

Battery Management

+ Avoid unscheduled downtime

+ Maximize utilization

+ Extend the life of your forklift batteries

iWarehouse checklist

Electronic Checklists

+ Saved in the system to meet regulatory requirements

+ Checklist customizability and conditional questions

+ Available enhanced checklist with post-impact inspection

fleet productivity

Fleet Productivity

+ Drive asset utilization and productivity

+ See when an operator is carrying a load versus traveling with empty forks

+ Drill down into reports to view utilization in detail to quickly identify areas of opportunity

Impact Management

Impact Management

+ Reduce costs due to equipment, product, facility and rack damage

+ Receive a real-time notification when an impact occurs

+ Program a forklift impact alarm to sound or reduce vehicle speed upon impact

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

+ Monitor and manage costs associated with assets throughout your operations

+ Wireless fleet and asset management – no hardware to install

+ Can be integrated with iWAREHOUSE for enhanced efficiency and visibility

Vehicle Utilization

Vehicle Utilization

+ Right-size your fleet to optimize the utilization of assets

+ Determine whether to retain, replace, reallocate or remove individual assets and vehicles based on actual usage data

+ Drill down to track and analyze individual vehicle hour meters

  • Bunzl, Testimonial


    Bunzl North America utilizes the iWAREHOUSE fleet and warehouse optimization system to help determine the true cost of ownership of its lift truck fleets at many of its North American facilities; assess when it’s appropriate to service, replace or reassign equipment; and evaluate maintenance trends.

  • Romark, Testimonial

    Romark Logistics

    To keep up with increased demand to streamline day-to-day operations Romark Logistics utilizes iWAREHOUSE, Raymond's forklift fleet management and warehouse optimization system. iWAREHOUSE has become a critical business tool for streamlining day-to-day operations such as cross-docking, inventory management, transportation and warehousing.

  • Genco, Testimonial


    To reduce labor costs and increase operational efficiencies, GENCO partnered with Raymond and a labor management provider to develop a plan to streamline the process of gathering and analyzing data. With the integration of iWAREHOUSE and a labor management system, data derived provided GENCO with a comprehensive view of operations from an equipment and labor management perspective.

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