Industrial Battery Maintenance

Industrial Battery Service & Maintenance

  • Industrial Battery Service, Forklift Battery Maintenance

    Raymond Storage Concepts provides complete industrial battery service for all battery brands with our exclusive, self-contained Industrial Battery Care Unit (IBCU). Our industrial battery technicians provide a premium service that cleans and neutralizes your industrial batteries within our IBCU, eliminating the possibility of these contaminants reaching your facility. The cleaning water is recycled and disposed of in an Eco-friendly manner. All water, air, and electricity is provided by the IBCU.

  • Industrial Battery Maintenance, Industrial Battery Service, Forklift Battery

Industrial Battery Maintenance

  • Industrial Battery Maintenance, Industrial Battery Service

    Battery life is crucial to the productivity you get from your forklifts. Proper battery maintenance can save on time, money and the need for excess batteries. Besides having your industrial battery properly serviced every 90 days to 6 months (depending on application), maintaining the proper water level is critical for getting the most out of your battery.

    Having your water level too low can cause short run-time, plate wear and sulfation. Exposed areas of the plate will become dead over time. Having a water level that is too high will cause a boil over and a loss of acid, decreasing the overall life of the battery.
    Battery watering can be done manually by each cell or by a battery watering system, installed directly into the battery. Even when using a battery watering system the water level should be regularly checked at the maintenance interval to make sure that all of the valves are allowing water to pass.

    Battery Water indicator lights can be installed on batteries to indicate if there is water in the battery, but does not indicate if there is water in every cell.

    Battery watering and the amount of water required for a battery depends on the application, battery temperature, and the amount of time the battery is in use. In addition to proper maintenance of your industrial battery fleet, your facility charge practices are equally important to maximizing the life of your battery. Making sure your battery is equalized once a week is critical to the performance and life of your battery fleet.

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