Conveyor Maintenance

  • Conveyor Maintenance2

    With the most comprehensive and responsive conveyor maintenance program in North America, Raymond can help you optimize the uptime, performance, and longevity of your equipment.

    Whether you’re building a new warehouse, updating an existing facility or simply looking to run more efficiently, Raymond offers a single, reliable, affordable service resource for your conveyors and other material handling equipment.

Maximize Your Uptime & Peace-of-Mind

Our goal is to take the maintenance burden off your in-house resources, saving you time and money by providing: 

» Proactive scheduled maintenance » Customized service plans
» Assistance with OSHA compliance » Written condition reports
» Service history record keeping » Service and spare parts recommendations
» 24/7/365 emergency service » Broad, off-the-shelf parts availability
» State-of-the-art dispatching » Optional bundling with other service capabilities

Conveyor Maintenance

Reliable Scheduled Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance program for conveyors includes all necessary checks, adjustments, and lubrication, including:

» All contactors and switches » Inspect belt lacing, tension, tracking
» Hardware for looseness » All lubrication points
» Photo eye / sensor adjustment » Electrical connections
» Hydraulic fittings and hoses for oil leakage » Check motors for wear and overall condition
» V-belts and O-rings - tension / wear/ alignment » Roller condition and alignment
» Check sprockets - wear / set screws / keyways » All chains - condition / adjustments / lubricate
» Operation of conveyor » Check reducer oil level and noise
» Oil level in gear box » Safety cut off and switches

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