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The Proven Way To Manage Short And Long Term Needs

  • Rental Fleet

    The Rental Department of Raymond Storage Concepts strives to provide quality equipment and solutions to your short and long-term rental needs. And we will go above and beyond the competition to supply you with the equipment you need, when you need it, at the best possible price – whether you are doing inventory, a special project, or handling extra shipments. And we can assure you quality and guaranteed performance every time.

    Renting provides economical and practical solutions to reflect the changing needs of your business and helps you better adjust to any aberrations in your daily routine. Renting offers you more financial flexibility, allowing you to keep capital free for other business opportunities.

Forklift and Equipment Rental Solutions

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    Many businesses are cyclical in nature, and to maximize your capital expenditures, renting an extra truck to help you through the surge of your seasonal business is the right decision. And Raymond Storage Concepts specializes in having the equipment you need, when you need it the most.

  • Forklift rental, rental lifts, forklifts for rent

    Short and Long-term Forklift Rentals

    Offering trucks on a daily, weekly, monthly or longer rental cycle, Raymond Storage Concepts can help you fill your equipment needs for any length of time you desire. These flexible rental periods are set up to help you rent as efficiently as possible. Raymond Storage Concepts' factory trained service technicians provide maintenance to keep your operation running smoothly. Many units are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Forklift Rentals and Equipment Rental Solutions

Our rental fleet - supplemented by over 5,000 lift trucks in Raymond's national network - is regularly updated with new equipment and maintained according to manufacturer’s specifications. Every rental truck is prepped by a Raymond Certified Technician and quality inspected by our shop foreman to make sure that each piece of equipment is ready to work when it reaches your facility.

Equipment Rentals are ideal for:

  • Supplementing your existing forklift fleet for seasonal requirements, when you’re conducting physical inventory or when replacing trucks for scheduled repairs
  • Maximizing equipment use to help you better manage capital costs when right-sizing your fleet
  • Establishing the value of equipment before purchasing or leasing to ensure it best fits your needs
  • Special projects and short term needs
  • Supplementing your equipment needs for seasonal requirements and unplanned peaks in activity
  • Meeting emergency equipment needs when changing to multiple shifts or waiting for delivery of new equipment

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