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  • Light Barrier

    Safety Features

    When the safety light barrier directly in front of the access opening is activated, all movements on the unit are immediately stopped.

  • Customer Testimonial

    Kardex Remstar products have several safety features that protect both the products as well as the people operating the AS/RS unit. Thanks to the protection equipment fitted as standard in the access opening of the storage system, such as the safety light curtain, the operator is optimally protected against accidents in the workplace. Stored goods can be secured against unauthorized access and theft with the help of the lockable smooth-running sliding door.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Ergonomic Design

    Manual picking operations require a great deal of physical effort on the part of associates: bending down to retrieve an item stored low or stretching up to grab an item stored high, for example. Picking items from drawers or shelves might also require lifting, reaching, walking, stretching, or bending. Every item stored in a Kardex Remstar AS/RS is delivered to the operator at the correct ergonomic work height. This substantially reduces the chance of worker injury and its associated absenteeism, insurance premiums and claims for worker’s compensation.