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What's New with Raymond Storage Concepts

  • Safety Harness, Tether, RFID

    Safety Harness

    The motion sensing tether, reminds operators that they need to connect their harness to the tether. After 15 seconds of sensing continuous motion the tether will sound an audible alarm and blink red. The harness is fitted with an RFID tag and once the operator connects the harness to the tether the alarm will stop.

  • 3220 Courier, Automated Forklift, Seegrid

    3220 Raymond Courier - Automated High Capacity Tow Tractor

    For indoor applications that need high performance towing capability, this Raymond Courier Automated Tow Tractor excels at automating repetitive, labor intensive and time consuming hauls that require heavy duty payload towing performance on flat ground or ramps.

  • In Aisle, Detection System

    In-Aisle Detection System

    Designed to reinforce operator training, Raymond’s In-Aisle Detection System (IADS) alerts operators when objects are detected in the truck’s path—and brings the truck to a controlled stop. Available as an option on Raymond Orderpicker and Swing-Reach models, IADS assists in keeping Orderpicker and Swing-Reach trucks separated while on the wire in the aisle, enhancing operator security and confidence in very narrow aisle (VNA) applications.

  • Zone Positioning

    Zoning & Positioning

    Raymond’s Zoning & Positioning (ZaP) options ensure more reliable, repeatable truck operation by controlling many order picking and Swing-Reach functions. Operators are able to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand instead of searching for locations, so they can learn more quickly, execute more accurately, and work more efficiently.

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