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Inventory Accuracy for Your Pharmaceutical and Biotech Environment

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  • Pick to Light

    Pick-to-light Technology

    The light pointer consists of either an LED or Laser light mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located inside over the access opening of a Shuttle VLM, the LED or Laser light pointer swivels in depth direction to illuminate any position within the tray. The light spot immediately identifies the exact location of the item to be picked or replenished. Perfect for applications requiring high throughput and accuracy levels.

  • Customer Testimonial

    Increase your order accuracy with Power Pick Global inventory management software and Pick to Light technology. Our order picking systems are designed to be modular, fully customizable, and can be integrated in stages into any workflow, regardless of its current level of automation.

  • Kardexbar

    Transaction Information Center

    Transaction Information Center applies to vertical carousels and VLMs, this dynamic pick-to-light system displays discrete item identification in 1/10 inch increments. The module displays descriptions, quantities and other messages to help an operator select the correct item and amount for order fulfillment.