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Forklift Batteries

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    When recommending a solution, our representatives evaluate the critical elements of your operation including utilization, operating environment, charging practices, and budget constraints.

  • Lithium-ion Batteries, Lithium-ion, Batteries

    Long-lasting and fast-charging, lithium power eliminates the need to buy or store spare batteries for dramatic cost savings. Robust and efficient, this technology can enhance efficiency and productivity in demanding applications.

    » Increased Power Capacity
    » No Traditional Maintenance

  • Lithium, Industrial Batteries, Forklift Battery

    Lithium-ion Batteries

    Our line of 24v and 36v lithium-ion batteries offer constant communication and data exchange between the lift truck and battery to provide full visibility into real-time state of charge, fault codes, maintenance and even enable remote diagnostics and upgrades. Dedicated to providing high quality solutions, we’ve designed these batteries to seamlessly integrate into our family of forklifts while giving you peace of mind as they have all obtained the UL Listed certification. ​

  Conventional Charging

Conventional charging entails that the battery is charged over an 8-10 hour period, rests for another eight hours, and is used over an eight-hour shift. As such, conventional charging is ideal for one-shift applications where no battery changing is required.

Conventional charging doesn’t charge the battery at the same rate over the full eight hours. It will charge the battery faster over the first four to five hours, and then turn the amperage down and run another few hours to level off the battery. Multi-shift operations will need two or three batteries per truck respectively, so that batteries can be used in a lift truck while other batteries are charging and cooling down.



Opportunity Charging

Opportunity charging is a good choice for extended shift operations where battery changing can be eliminated. Opportunity charging extends the run time of aging batteries and recoups the lost capacity that comes with age.

Opportunity charging frees up warehouse space and personnel as it often eliminates the need for dedicated battery rooms, spare battery storage, battery-handling and battery-changing equipment. It also cuts down on time spent traveling from work sites to battery rooms, significantly increasing productivity and decreasing the risk of injuries suffered while hoisting heavy batteries in and out of trucks.



Fast Charging

Fast charging charges the battery at rates three to four times that of conventional chargers, and at every opportunity possible. This includes breaks within and in-between shifts, and can eliminate the need for additional batteries.

Fast chargers work quickly because they don’t turn down the rate of current the way a conventional charger does. These chargers keep the charge rate high during the whole charge time. Gassing is increased due to the higher constant charge rate and increased temperatures. An equalize charge once a week will help balance the sulfating that occurs during charge cycles.

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