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    It’s a simple equation: the more skilled and knowledgeable your technicians are, the greater your fleet’s uptime is. And when you partner with Raymond Storage Concepts, we provide your technicians with the advanced training they need to keep your forklifts up and running at maximum efficiency. With both classroom and hands-on courses taught by certified trainers, you are guaranteed to learn from the most experienced technicians in the industry. From the comprehensive electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and service skills necessary to maintain powered industrial trucks, to keeping up with recurring advancements in technology, we enable your technicians to maintain the proficiency they need to protect your forklift investment today, and into the future.

We make it easy and convenient for them to get the training they need by offering courses at our facilities or yours, and also provide consultation services and custom programs that are designed around your team’s – and fleet’s – needs. We have Raymond certified technical trainers on our staff that are available to support those needs, and we currently offer our customers technical training options. This training includes both hands-on work and classroom theory.

To stay one step ahead of the industry’s ever-changing training programs, please contact us if you would like current schedule details of any of the following courses:

Basic DC electric
Advanced troubleshooting
Mechanical repair procedures
Basic AC electric

Our certified trained experts are not only among the most technically sound in the industry, they’re also very capable of imparting their vast knowledge to others. As we see it, well-trained technicians are invaluable resources.

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