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  • Housekeeping Is Safekeeping

    Housekeeping at work is as important as it is at home, especially if you want a safe workplace. People who must function every day in a messy, disorderly work environment have lower morale, although they may not be aware of the cause. But the safety ramifications of poor housekeeping in the workplace are even more important. Poor housekeeping may result in employee injuries or even death, citations by OSHA (or another regulatory agency), and even difficulty in securing future work. How can such a seemingly “minor” issue such as housekeeping have such serious consequences?

Poor housekeeping practices can result in:

  • Injuries when employees trip, fall, strike, or are struck by out-of-place objects.
  • Injuries from using improper tools because the correct tool can’t be found.
  • Lowered production because of the time spent maneuvering over and around yours or someone else’s mess, and time spent looking for proper tools and materials. Plus a cluttered workplace can lead to ergonomics issues and possible injuries because workers have less space to move.
  • Lack of future work due to a reputation for poor quality.

General housekeeping rules to remember:

  • Housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility!

  • Clean up after yourself. Pick up trash and debris and dispose of it properly. Keep your work area clean throughout the day, minimizing the time needed to clean a “larger mess” at the end of the day.
  • Dispose of combustibles and flammables properly. If improperly discarded, they will increase the potential for a fire.
  • Keep passageways and fire doors free of obstructions. Stairwell doors should be kept closed. Do not store items in stairwells.
  • Remove protruding nails and other sharp objects, or hammer them flat to prevent someone from stepping on them.
  • Stack materials and supplies in an orderly manner and secure them so they won’t topple.
  • Report all slips, trips, and falls, with or without injury, so the hazard can be corrected.

Do you value your health and safety, your work reputation, as well as your future employment? If you do, practice these general housekeeping rules. A well-kept workplace shows respect for those who work there. Help keep it that way! We're all dependent on each other for safety. It's up to each of us to hold up our end of the deal. When each of us keeps their own area in order, we create a better place to work. 

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