ABCs of Safety

ABC's of Safety

  • ABC of Safety

    Following your company's safety guidelines is all it takes to stay safe at work, right? Not so fast. Yes, those guidelines are there to help ensure your safety, but overall safety is a little more complicated than a list of do's and don'ts and the expectations for following them. Safety is actually a combination of safe attitude, behavior, and control both on and off the job. Attitude means your frame of mind- the way in which you approach a given situation. Behavior means what you do about it -how you react to a situation. Control refers to making your surroundings where you do what you do-safe. Safe attitude, behavior, and control add up to a safer, more productive you.

Remember, there are three important elements that combine to add up to a safer, more productive you.


While it may not be everything when it comes to safety, attitude is pretty darn close. Have you ever caught yourself not staying alert and focused, ignoring safety guidelines, horsing around, or letting emotions, such as anger and frustration influence your attitude on the job? If you answered honestly, you probably admit to allowing at least one of those things to affect your job performance at one time or another. Don't let your attitude get in the way of safety.


How you react to a situation is an important part of being safe.

  • Follow established safety guidelines
  • Refuse to take shortcuts
  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Ask questions if you're unsure of something or need more information to do the job
  • Help co-workers understand the importance of safety


This is all about taking responsibility for making your work site a safe place. There are many things within your control that helps to ensure workplace safety.

  • Keep surroundings clean and orderly 
  • Clean up spills and debris, or report them to the appropriate person
  • Keep machines and equipment in good repair
  • Remove obstacles from walkways
  • Store chemicals properly; make sure you know proper handling techniques
  • Report any potential hazards to your supervisor/manager

There you have it- the ABCs of job safety. While there are many more ways to ensure your personal well-being on the job; attitude, behavior, and control impact most of them. That's why they're the most important-and simplest-aspects of staying safe at work. Take a moment to review your safety ABC's to see if you're doing all you can to protect yourself, your co-workers, and your loved ones from careless, needless injury.

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