Safe or Sorry

  • Safe or Sorry

    Humans are flawed and so are our decision-making processes; even on a good day. There is an endless list of issues, challenges, or reasons that can cause any of us to not make the correct choice in a given moment. Here are some common issues individuals can be dealing with that can negatively impact decision making:

    • Complacency
    • Overconfidence
    • Lack of knowledge
    • Lack of focus
    • Time pressures
    • Fatigue
    • Illness

All it takes is one decision. There are many companies that have achieved a safe workplace and have sustained it for an extended period of time. But as stated, it takes effort on everyone’s part to achieve this. Many decisions and actions had to be taken to ensure safety measures were taken during every single work task. All the effort to work safely can be undermined at any given point by a poor decision made by one person.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and benefits you, your co-workers, your family, and the company. By incorporating safety rules, we can avoid a potential catastrophic injury as well as illness from exposure to hazardous situations. When safety is a top priority, we can be more productive and profitable.

While it is true that one poor decision can result in a serious injury, the same can be said for working safely. To sustain an injury-free workplace over time, it takes one decision at a time to complete work safely. Focus on the task at hand and what actions need to be taken to ensure it can be done the correct way.


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