Vehicle Restraints & Dock Locks

  • Exterior loading dock area with dock locks

    Stop Trailer Mishaps: Secure Your Dock with Vehicle Restraint & Dock Locks

    Ever worry about a truck pulling away from the dock unexpectedly? It can happen in the blink of an eye, especially in a busy loading area. That’s where Raymond Storage Concepts comes in. < /br>< /br> Our restraints act like a parking brake for trailers, keeping them securely in place during loading and unloading. This helps prevent accidents and keeps your workers safe.

Safety & Efficiency Gains with Vehicle Restraints

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    Peace of Mind

    Knowing your trucks are secure reduces the risk of accidents and damage.



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    Improved Safety

    Prevents trailers from separating from the dock during loading and unloading.



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    Get More Done

    Saves you time and keeps your dock on schedule.





  • Close up of vehicle restraint hooked to the bottom of a truck


    Choose from automatic, manual, electric or hydraulic options to fit your workflow.

  • Close up of truck wheels with yellow wheel restraint


    We have rotating hook, non-impact and wheel locking restraints to match your specific dock setup. Wheel restraints provide additional security by locking individual wheels.



  • Warehouse dock area with dock control panel on the wall

    Take Control with Centralized Control Panels

    For a truly streamlined and safe docking experience, consider adding a central control panel to your setup. These user-friendly panels allow you to:

    • Operate your entire loading dock system from one central location, reducing complexity and improving workflow.
    • Benefit from clear communication with red and green light indicators that keep everyone informed about the docking process.
    • Minimize the risk of errors by having a single, intuitive control system that reduces confusion and potential accidents.



Ready to Improve Your Dock Safety & Efficiency?

Contact us today to learn more about our vehicle restraints and control panels. We’re happy to help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

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