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Machine Guarding

  • Machine Guarding

    Machine guards are critical to your safety. Many times, you do not realize the dangers that you are protected from because of a simple steel or acrylic guard. For this reason, you should be familiar with the potential hazards introduced when machines with rotating parts, gears, or pulleys are used. Some of the tools may be as simple as a table saw, grinder, or box fan and sometimes they can be complex and partially robotic and involve hazardous chemicals. YOU are responsible to operate, repair, clean, or just work near these machines and tools must be protected from potential hazards. Machine guards, as appropriate, must be provided to protect the operator and others around them.

Many tool-related injuries could easily be prevented through regular maintenance and proper use of safety mechanisms. Here are several maintenance tips to help keep dull blades, worn tools and other high-risk maintenance hazards from harming your workforce.

Ensure that all tools are properly maintained and fitted with safety mechanisms or guards:

  • ALWAYS examine each tool for damage before us
  • NEVER use broken, dull, damaged or worn tools
  • ALWAYS keep blades and bits sharp and clean
  • ALWAYS clean and lubricate tools frequently and as specified in the manufacturer's manual
  • ALWAYS maintain labels and nameplates
  • Safety guards must NEVER be removed when a tool is being used
  • Machine guarding must always protect against accidental and intentional contact
  • ALWAYS lock out and tag machines OFF when guard are removed

Each piece of machinery has its own unique mechanical and non-mechanical hazards. Remember machine guards are your first line of defense against injuries caused by machine operation.

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