Forklift Safety Day 2018

At Raymond Storage Concepts, we’re driven by safety. From our ergonomic truck designs to telematics that drive decisions, like iWAREHOUSE®. Our industry-leading training programs, like Safety on the Move® operator training and Steps to Safety™ pedestrian training, instill best practices in warehouse environments. We’re confident when we say that no one in the industry offers training as comprehensive as ours.

  • Operator Training

    Safety on the Move Operator Training

    Your operators determine your productivity. We can train them to be top performers who give you a competitive advantage. Safety on the Move forklift operator training is conveniently conducted at your facility. Operators learn and discuss best practices, watch certified instructors demonstrate and then practice on the specific equipment they will operate until they master the skills needed.

  • Virtual Reality Training, Operator Training, Forklift Training

    Virtual Reality Simulator

    The Virtual Reality Simulator offers a more effective learning experience for operator students and a more efficient teaching tool for instructors. Users enter a simulated warehousing environment on a real Raymond forklift. With multiple forklifts included in the software, you can quickly switch between models for instruction on different forklifts in your fleet. Each one comes with a series of guided lessons that increase in complexity and build upon principles learned in earlier lessons, providing operators with a consistent experience while reinforcing desired behaviors.

  • iWarehouse, Forklift Access Control, Forklift Impact, Forklift Checklist

    Manage Your Entire Forklift Fleet & Monitor Operators with iWAREHOUSE

    - Automate forklift access via badge or access code
    - Electronic forklift operator daily checklist questions are completed by operators and saved in the system to meet regulatory requirements
    - Receive immediate notifications of forklift impacts via text message or email

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